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Chain link fencing netting and baeded wire products are manufactured by HONG SING INDUSTRIES (Sabah) SDN.BHD., when first established in year 1976. Then rapidly diversified into reinforced steel wire fabric and other construction related materials catering for sabah throughout this 30 years of ever growing property and agricultural market.

Today HONG SING INDUSTRIES (Sabah) SDN.BHD is one of the largest producer of both ribbed weldedmesh and HSI mesh in Sabah. In an increasingly competitive market, we aim to provide range of products that are of consistantly high standard with the most competitive prices. Because our finished products are a replection of our reputation so quality control is critical at every step of our production process.

We ensure that our supply of raw materials is realiable and of the highest quality. A full range of testing equipment ensure that detailed test data from online production points are fully documented in order to maintain a consistant standard of quality. In May 2005, HONG SING INDUSTRIES ( Sabah ) SDN. BHD. acruired SIRIM PRODUCTS certification on our ribbed reinforce mesh, setting excellence and commitment to assert and spearhead the demand to become a leader in Sabah's wiremesh manufacturing industry

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