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About Us
         Farmasi Gaya was established in 1989. The fisrt owner of the pharmacy is MR.Yee That Hian(photo above). There are two branches of this pharmacy. The main branch is the one located in Gaya Street in Kota Kinabalu town. Another branch of this pharmacy is located in Luyang under the name Farmasi Luyang. Business hour of our pharmacy are as shown below:-

Monday ~ Saturday : 7.30am – 5.30pm
Sunday : 7.30am – 12pm
Public Holiday : 8.30am – 12pm

         Our pharmacys are categorized as retail pharmacy business.We are selling many kinds of medicines and supplements(vitamins, minerals and etc) besides fish oils.Other than  that, we are also selling first aid things such as plaster and wound dressing.Knee support also available in this pharmacy.For those who wants to test or examine their sugar level on their own, they can buy blood glucose monitoring system.The patients/customers can get a good taste of herbal tea here.Other than selling health products, Farmasi Gaya giving consultation to customers/patients that are having minor health problems. For this kind of customers/patients, our pharmacist will suggest what kind of medicine should take by the customers/patients.

Laughing  "We are here to help you to move forward to a healthier life"  Laughing


Location Map of Farmasi Gaya

Location Map of Farmasi Gaya

Health Tips

High cholestrol can be DANGEROUS

High cholestrol can cause hardening and
clogging of blood vessels(arteriosclerosis),
increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke,
blood circulation problems and death.

HypoCol is a breakthrough natural alternative
for lowering cholestrol, prove safe and effective
 in many clinical studies conducted in the US and


 Does your daily diet provide sufficient Calcium?

Consuming enough of calcium is important
because it helps to prevent bones from
getting weaker and "brittle" later in life.

What is the right dosage for Calcium Supplement?

The National Osteoporosis Foundation
recommends that "Calcium, whether from
the diet or supplement, is absorbed best by
 the body when it is taken several times a
day in amounts of 500mg."

Bio-Enhanced Calcium Plus is an innovative product
produced by Abbott Laboratories. This product is
formulated by with the aim to maximize the absorption
 of the calcium at rapid rate by using the
Bio-Sol Dissolution System.

Contact details

For further enquiries please call

Mr. Yee That Hian 019-8809150

or email to

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